Unscripted War: Grass by ThruYerStErNuM

For Operation Flashpoint: Resistance

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Unscripted War grass v1.23b (8/11/05)

This addon contains various high resolution grass objects. More significant than the grass objects is the grass generation script that is sampled in an included mission, in which grass is automatically created as the player moves.

Download v1.23


Future versions will have predefined island configurations so placement does not need to be manual. A tool is included for creating predefined configuration. If you do make decent configurations with it, send them to me and I will include them in the next release.


It is still only intended for single player play, but not because of inherent limitations in scripting, but because the objects are not consistent at farther view distances which could hurt fairness in gameplay. I will update the grass object models for the next release and add foliage options, this version will be ready by September and have multiplayer support.


The addon works well for single player gameplay. The AI can't see through the taller grass, which are more spread out, so the use of this script effectively adds cover.

Past version:

Unscripted War grass v1.0
This version generated grass simply from the players position regardless of the surroundings, with a limited capability for restricting generation in inappropriate places.

Look at the original thread I posted in the official flashpoint forums announcing this for more information and download links. It has been fairly well distributed since I released it.


New colors in version 2: